i wan to build cache server for ISP. It will cache most visited website content, and windows update also other common software update and most user download content also videos streaming. i want to use Ubuntu for it. and you help me to create it, like at 1st you need to told me how your cache work and which software you use. Because you gide me to build it. so, later i can build it by myself

FORMATION DES ISP. La formation des infirmiers de sapeurs-pompiers sera possible, tout au long de leur carrière, à l’Ecole Nationale des Officiers de Sapeurs-Pompiers (ENSOSP) située à Aix les Milles dans le sud de la France mais également au sein de leur SDIS d’appartenance. En effet, une partie des formations à destination des ISP, en plus de celles proposées par l’ENSOSP Linux & Systemadmin Projects for $30 - $300. Cache server stable for ISP we need to cache ( YOUTUBE, Facebook, http, https, Netflix, Hulu, streaming, WIndows Update, IOS Updates) We prefer if someone have already done this project -Speed up Web caches are very versatile, and are used in a number of different systems such as search engines, web proxies, and forward caches. In this article, we feature the best open source software that caches web content, optimising and cleaning the network traffic. To provide an insight into the open source software that is available, we have compiled a list of 6 of our favorite web cache software 07/03/2014 17/10/2009 Django’s cache framework¶. A fundamental trade-off in dynamic websites is, well, they’re dynamic. Each time a user requests a page, the Web server makes all sorts of calculations – from database queries to template rendering to business logic – to create the page that your site’s visitor sees.

Apple Edge Cache (AEC) is equipment supplied and managed by Apple for deployment within ISP partner networks to deliver Apple content directly to customers. Benefits Improve resiliency and provide the best performance for Apple content and services.

Depuis Marseille chez SFR je tape sur un cache a Lyon (ipv4-c008-lyn001-sfr-isp.1.oca.nflxvideo.net) et aussi hors cache sur MAD (Madrid ?) et CDG (Paris) en IPv4 Le cache ARP permet la correspondance entre les adresses IP et les adresses MAC d’un réseau local, et permet d’éviter de refaire une requête ARP à chaque IP à émettre. Voici comment vider le cache ARP : Dans le menu Démarrer, recherchez cmd puis faites un clic droit dessus => Exécuter en tant qu’administrateur ; Cache hit rates will vary, based on the unique consumption patterns of end users on each operator's network. Robust: GGC provides resilience through multiple levels of redundancy, which are transparent to users. Google ensures that users are always served from the best available data location, even in the event of a temporary outage.

PETAcache . PETAcache is a carrier-grade transparent cache and delivery platform for ISPs. PETAcache high performance appliance fulfills all optimization requirements such as bandwidth saving on both internet link (backbone) and access-network (last mile), as well as web acceleration.

When an ISP or hosting provider peers with Cloudflare, they send traffic directly to With over 26 million Internet Properties using Cloudflare, a cache node  Power your site or app with CacheFly's global anycast CDN backed by a 100% SLA guarantee. Write, test and deploy with our JavaScript Fly® runtime. MEET